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Emily Day

I'm Emily Day, founder and steward of Dancing Colors.

In the early 1980’s when "they" were simply "pieces of fabric" that I used in classes and performances, folks started asking to buy my “scarves.” Shortly after I heard the name Dancing Colors during a Fall Equinox Long Dance with our local ceremonial circle. I realized then that Dancing Colors had a destiny of their own - beyond sharing them with my friends, colleagues and audiences.

Girl with scarvesAlmost 20 years later Dancing Colors are used by village children in Nicaragua, adults living with HIV in Boston and Serbs and Croatians healing from war in Bosnia. They fly in all fifty states and over forty countries thanks to the dedication and creativity of the artists, educators, therapists, liturgists, health care professionals and corporate trainers who use them.

As we spin our web we're inviting these healers, players and paradigm shifters to contribute articles about their work with the Dancing Color Scarves and different populations - from Alzheimer's patients to parent/child play groups, psychotherapy clients to the differently abled.

We'll look forward to hearing from you!

Use of scarves

In the meantime we're reprinting two of Emily’s articles about her early work using Dancing Colors with children, and creative dance with adults as a tool for global peace. Click on articles page.


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